Cat at Large

Caydon and Lilly were special. Not the kind of special you may think, like not being able to hear, being blind, being super duper smart
that they were in championships of the math bee, etc. They were supernatural. They had powers, as Lilly had Dislexia, she was the more
powerful of the to 2. Because in there time, dislexia was a symbol of power. This may sound funny, but it is true. Also, they were owners of
a talking cat. A cat that was actully a secret agent for the agency of the Unexpected and Unexplained. The cat, being named Demerara, was very fond of cacao beans.
Not the normal kind, but the powerful kind. She loved smelling them! But she did not dare eat them, who knows what would’ve happened if she did?
Well, in this story you are going to find out! Know, don’t get to excited, as usually people jump up and down at the thought at a story of a
talking cat, but just relax and enjoy the story!!!
Caydon and Lilly were skateboarding on he road when Demerara came out with a cocao bean in her mouth. When lilly saw her, she rushed over to pet her silky fur.
But just when she got there, a motorbike whizzed by, so unnexpected, that Demerara swallowed the magical bean. Suddenly, she grew to the size of a lion, than
she grew to an elephant! This, ofcourse, was new to the people of that street for they were not magical beings, but normal mortals. The whole streat when crazy.
Wouldn’t you go crazy if there was a huge, talking cat walking through YOUR street? Demerara, though, unlike her spectators, loved to be so high.
She offered Caydon and lilly a ride, and being 12, jumped in happiness at the thought of riding a giant cat. Lilly, though, was a little scared.
Although she trusted Demerara, she wasn’t very fond of heights. She jumped, though, trying to be cheerful. Demerara held down her paw and the children climbed up
to her dazzling mane. They held on tight to her now very long fur, and Demerara started trotting, but soon went faster, and faster still!!! And soon
was running. Lilly was now scared to her wits, and Caydon was actully showing a little fear in his Dark green eyes. Both were holding on for dear life,
and were screaming for Demerara to stop, but Demerara didn’t here them over the loud speakers of police and the screams of other people for a while,
and when she did, she stoped at McDONALDS. Whats that smell? she murmured. And stuck he head into the window, there she gobbled up all the burgers
in the shop. All of a sudden, a van pulled up, it was people from the agency. Demerara was in BIG trouble,



Dear Diary 5/3/2014

Dear Dairy,
I new month a new life!!! I can’t wait to get a fresh start!
I’m absoulutely BORED!!! How do you find stuff to do? I just made
an origami paper doll. Wow, how frustrating oragami can be!!! I didn’t
know I could actully do a good job, but, I did. What a suprise. On
Clash of Clans I finally have gotten the clan castle. Now I have to get money
again. I am not rich at all!!! I used to have SOOOO much elixer and gold. Now
I only have 14,000 gold and 7,000 elixer. Do you know anyway to getta lot of gems
+ elixer + gold??? So confusing. I have tried EVERYTHING!!! I am going HISTERICOAL!!!


P.S. Does anyone have a stratedgy for getting gold + elixer + gems = Rich???? It
does not have to be all of them. But someone, HELP ME!!! I am litteraly POOR on
Clash of the Clans!!! I wish it was like Club Penguin, with the codes and cheats and
all. HELP!!! 😦

Dear Diary 4/30/2014

Dear Diary,

Today was a busy day, but I got finished with the ruff draft of my book report!!
I made good progress. My mom is gonna read me little women soon, I just printed out my homework!!!
I can’t talk, but guess what. The only girl that sat with me moved today!!! Know it is all
boys. TORTURE!!!

With Love,



1. Dark force 2. stereo hearts 3. as long as you love me 4. who said 5. she wolf 6. everything is awesome 7. so what 8. beauttiful 9. roar 10. part of me 11. good girl 12. happy

Well, here are some songs I know and love,



P.S. I think I should totally start doing Dear Diaries!!! Here we go:

Dear Diary,
Today was awesome! I started my own WEBSITE!!! I know I’ve had one before but I totally forgot the pasword, so, WHO CARES!!! Also, I gotta get on my homework, and finish my book project. Ugh!!! Why do I always wait till the last minute??? Why am I not reading like, WRITE NOW??? I am so bummed!!! Ok, here we go! I want to finish the book Peter Pan. Who new it could be so boring??? I gotta work on typing, writing, math (multipacation in particuler) and I have to learn to speak Italian!!! I mean, a boy in my class can speak english, french and German!!! What The? I gotta catch up!!!

With Love,